Everton 0-1Chelsea : EPL Matchday 35

Live Streams

20:00 GMT [English Premier League]Everton – Chelsea

Stream #1[En] OR Stream #2[En]

from live footy


Goals Clip : Everton 0-1 Chelsea

M. Essien 0-1

by ScreaManUnited

Everton Vs Chelsea
0-1 (Essien)

Credit: Sir ali_cdaman

by ladlem2


Mikel Shoot (Min 43)
Click Here for Video

Fernandes Freekick (Min 68)
Click Here for Video

by ReMad2



Everton 0-1 Chelsea

English Commentary


0-1 M. Essien


1st Half Highlights

2nd Half Highlights

by Mr. Mercury


Everton 0-1 Chelsea

Goodison Park
Thursday, 17 April


0-1 M. Essien 41′

Credit: Mr. Mercury

by VanJoJo


Chelsea 0-1 Essien

by Sir ali_cdaman

Grant interview


Highlights Video : Everton vs Chelsea


Full Match

Everton – Chelsea 0-1

Avi | Xvid | 512×384 | English

PART1 – http://sharebase.de/files/05PMhg8AWx.html
PART2 – http://sharebase.de/files/6I5I1DZ4gm.html
PART3 – http://sharebase.de/files/h1Gg1P37Bx.html
PART4 – http://sharebase.de/files/COQBjDX4Lx.html
PART5 – http://sharebase.de/files/6VQ6OYTR86.html

by demon



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